Straight Piping my C8 Corvette

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Straight Piping my C8 Corvette

This video was done by professionals under the supervision of professionals on a closed course!

In todays video, Ben installs a new straight pipe exhaust system on his C8 Corvette. We throw a car show in our little town of Cormorant, MN. Which completely overflows it! Ryan and Ken play a prank on Micah and then take a toy car for a ride after!


  1. CboysTV


    17 dagar sedan

    Ken and Ryan in the car bed at the end 😂

    • Will’s Outdoors

      Will’s Outdoors

      13 dagar sedan

      i just bought like 6 reflective stickers and they look awesome. I love all you guys. It must be so cool be riding almost everyday and driving some of your dream cars.

    • cobyingle10sportsman


      14 dagar sedan

      Ben you look like cowboy Cale

    • Shadow fam

      Shadow fam

      15 dagar sedan

      My mom has a friend that lives right by you guys she said I could come meet u some time.

    • Dalton Morris

      Dalton Morris

      15 dagar sedan

      How many miles are on the c8?

    • Jonesy Boi

      Jonesy Boi

      16 dagar sedan


  2. Kel W.

    Kel W.

    12 timmar sedan

    hey there’s a pov on tiktok where y’all were cutting the exhaust off

  3. Logan Curran

    Logan Curran

    Dag sedan

    they took my dream car and made it even better

  4. Russian Seal

    Russian Seal

    2 dagar sedan

    Yall should lift the c8

  5. Yvonne Welch

    Yvonne Welch

    2 dagar sedan

    You should buy a old car and cut it in half and put it in the room

  6. TazSz_ S

    TazSz_ S

    3 dagar sedan

    Twin turbo?

  7. ツZach


    4 dagar sedan

    Ben should get wheels for his c8

  8. Dallas Young

    Dallas Young

    4 dagar sedan

    Who drives the BMW?? That thing is clean

  9. GUNSHOT606


    7 dagar sedan

    should wide body it it would look and sound awsome



    7 dagar sedan

    Y’all should start a podcast

  11. Justine Atherley

    Justine Atherley

    7 dagar sedan

    bring the car bed to a car shoe

  12. Cyval


    7 dagar sedan

    Someone please tell me what car that is at 10:40??

  13. Robert Talmage

    Robert Talmage

    9 dagar sedan

    You try letting rev more before shifting.

  14. Growing jordon

    Growing jordon

    10 dagar sedan

    the hair cuts are always a gay part of any videographer meet up

  15. Catherine Stevens

    Catherine Stevens

    11 dagar sedan

    The possessive nickel unfortunately regret because sampan unexplainably pack about a panoramic bolt. fresh, opposite dinghy

  16. Jaxson Schicker

    Jaxson Schicker

    11 dagar sedan

    he will be giving the ride of his life

  17. Brian Gonzales

    Brian Gonzales

    11 dagar sedan

    The cute vegetable practically untidy because pillow maternally print athwart a righteous bacon. salty, squeamish print

  18. Bong.LSD


    11 dagar sedan

    i cant stop looking at your eyebrows now...

  19. FishingWithRustyn


    12 dagar sedan

    Imagine he recked his new corvette

  20. Charles Yetman

    Charles Yetman

    12 dagar sedan

    The prank was so unfunny that it ended up being funny

  21. Nolan Canale

    Nolan Canale

    12 dagar sedan

    Ryan def lost the rps for who has to do the intro sponsor🤣

  22. MrMrfishy55


    12 dagar sedan

    Surprised it’s not louder lol

  23. Jamie Neil

    Jamie Neil

    12 dagar sedan

    they should have written fu in the legos

  24. Olmop


    12 dagar sedan


  25. Renn Schaffer

    Renn Schaffer

    12 dagar sedan

    You guys should come up north and catch some sturgeon! They are hitting hard right now and will be for another month. Look at some Fraser River sturgeon photos, time of your life I guarantee it!

  26. morphman21


    13 dagar sedan

    I'd love to see the cboys do there version of the go-kart bed just like the hoonigans d

  27. Caden Kunkel

    Caden Kunkel

    13 dagar sedan

    I think you should start selling cars that was an amazing ad

  28. Centrifugal Zach

    Centrifugal Zach

    13 dagar sedan

    bro there town literally had a dog as a mayor.

  29. EJ Cuevas

    EJ Cuevas

    13 dagar sedan

    You have the best video ever and you. Have the best in the rold

    • EJ Cuevas

      EJ Cuevas

      13 dagar sedan


  30. Green Iron Garage

    Green Iron Garage

    13 dagar sedan

    Posters on the wall would have been a finishing touch

  31. Blake Dean

    Blake Dean

    13 dagar sedan

    Is it just me or is ken becoming more and more of a Karin

  32. Diesel Scott

    Diesel Scott

    13 dagar sedan

    That r33 tho

  33. Diesel Scott

    Diesel Scott

    13 dagar sedan

    Wide body ?



    13 dagar sedan

    Cam it

  35. Robert Hall

    Robert Hall

    13 dagar sedan

    Gotta love Minnesota

  36. Bernard Bradač

    Bernard Bradač

    13 dagar sedan

    A month later "putting a supercharger on my C8 corvette".

  37. Offroadoutlawsgod1


    13 dagar sedan

    Now all you need are some new black rims it would look so clean

  38. BLUE163 Buehre

    BLUE163 Buehre

    13 dagar sedan

    Was that a cboys cover y’all had???????

  39. Ethan King

    Ethan King

    13 dagar sedan

    All it needs is new spark plug when the check engine light comes on

  40. Andrew Stormo

    Andrew Stormo

    14 dagar sedan

    U should get a dog for the shop

  41. Moto Mamba

    Moto Mamba

    14 dagar sedan

    Who’s the winner for the giveaway

  42. Miguel Pelletier

    Miguel Pelletier

    14 dagar sedan

    XD lmao

  43. Gamer Boy2

    Gamer Boy2

    14 dagar sedan

    I liked subed and turned on notifications



    14 dagar sedan

    shout out host

  45. J A K A R I

    J A K A R I

    14 dagar sedan

    Twin turbo next !!!!!

  46. Evan Streittmatter

    Evan Streittmatter

    14 dagar sedan

    Bro sick

  47. 4x4American


    14 dagar sedan

    No security cam footage of the dude flipping the mav?

  48. Hudson Boyko

    Hudson Boyko

    14 dagar sedan

    Totally of topic from ur vid but u boys need a seadoo spark trix for on the lake and then u can sender of the surf wave from the boat ur guys are frocking buities

  49. obnoxious/games&entertainment


    14 dagar sedan

    snow doesnt cause rust salt does with oxygen added

  50. Tragic Dream

    Tragic Dream

    14 dagar sedan

    should of changed your horn to kachow and every time you passed someone honk

  51. Bomb v Skies

    Bomb v Skies

    14 dagar sedan

    Why straight pipe, its so abnoxious

  52. Shane Beck

    Shane Beck

    14 dagar sedan

    Ben needs to cam the corvet that would sound so good

    • Shane Beck

      Shane Beck

      14 dagar sedan


  53. Stephen Lischinsky

    Stephen Lischinsky

    14 dagar sedan

    14:22 autism attack

  54. Alex G

    Alex G

    14 dagar sedan

    Why is there no podcast yet? I just wanna listen to the boys sit around and bullshit

  55. lu tomson

    lu tomson

    14 dagar sedan

    Installing a tubi on my lamborghini was easier and i get flames out the back..wonder why this doesnt

  56. LIL bozo

    LIL bozo

    14 dagar sedan

    I would have kept it I lay a female down in the cars bed 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  57. nash is dumb

    nash is dumb

    14 dagar sedan

    Love the ad bar at the bottom boys

  58. Zach Pozorski

    Zach Pozorski

    15 dagar sedan

    I was actually dying at the editing before they brought in Micah It being so bad made it way funnier than the farm animals



    15 dagar sedan

    He might want a straight pipe but I feel like he needs to get some new tires already

  60. Rudy Delphino

    Rudy Delphino

    15 dagar sedan

    Twin turbo it

  61. Broke Misfits

    Broke Misfits

    15 dagar sedan

    Ken acting like he’s actually got somthing to do😂

  62. alia alali

    alia alali

    15 dagar sedan

    Why do you drinking

  63. aaldarwish


    15 dagar sedan

    More c8 content plz🥰

  64. Justin Desanto

    Justin Desanto

    15 dagar sedan

    Shuuuuuuuu your Bing noise not the car

  65. Joel Pallisier

    Joel Pallisier

    15 dagar sedan

    They didn’t even drive the Lamborghini I’m disappointed

  66. RaisedByWolves YT

    RaisedByWolves YT

    15 dagar sedan

    CboysTV please do a pit bike giveaway cus i have always dreamed of having a pitbike 🔥🔥🔥

  67. JVTV


    15 dagar sedan

    posted on my birth day

  68. Lewis Smith

    Lewis Smith

    15 dagar sedan

    U and the nelk boys need to meet up that would be lit! 🔥

  69. Arsenal Demoting

    Arsenal Demoting

    15 dagar sedan

    Yeah 30 people shows cars and stuff 2 miles each way and only 30 people good one

  70. Arsenal Demoting

    Arsenal Demoting

    15 dagar sedan

    Bro the mullet makes everything and then the hat just tops it off

  71. Douglas Mcmurray

    Douglas Mcmurray

    15 dagar sedan

    Race the shambo and the corvette

  72. MajorVA


    15 dagar sedan

    cut the exhaust from bottom to top so the exhaust wont squish the blade in it from gravity

  73. Snuzzy


    15 dagar sedan

    dude that ad in the beginning was so satisfying to watch nil

  74. RyderH907


    15 dagar sedan

    Buy a Kawasaki

  75. kitcarnut


    15 dagar sedan

    Ken - Ryan we must be dreaming cruising around in a ferrari bed. Ryan - well were not dreaming otherwise i'd have a Boner!!

  76. - SANDMAN


    15 dagar sedan

    I have a dare for you all, go and get a jet ski & put a Suzuki Hayabusa motor into it. Go hard or go home BOYS. 😀😅😄😃🤣😂😁🤓 😎🤓👍💪🤜🤛🇦🇺🇦🇺

  77. Preston Murdaugh

    Preston Murdaugh

    15 dagar sedan

    Put butterfly doors on the c8

  78. Brendon 2hot

    Brendon 2hot

    15 dagar sedan

    Change your name to Cmen

  79. Austen Carpenter

    Austen Carpenter

    15 dagar sedan

    anyone else feel like there is way more ads lately?

  80. 3988Sharon


    15 dagar sedan

    You should do something like 10 dollars 💵 gets 1 entry to stay at your house 🏡 for 1 to 2 weeks

  81. Mjay Mob416

    Mjay Mob416

    15 dagar sedan

    Also what’s the sizing a adult xl was left but didn’t know how they fit

  82. Mjay Mob416

    Mjay Mob416

    15 dagar sedan

    Boys please drop the wind breaker again fall coming up Canada gonna be chilly

  83. Alex McElroy

    Alex McElroy

    15 dagar sedan

    I was really excited to se the speed until I saw y’all blurred it out

  84. CloverleafCattleCo


    15 dagar sedan

    Ken’s seriousness is so priceless

  85. cole steinmetz

    cole steinmetz

    15 dagar sedan

    Ken and Ryan: SUBURBAN!!!!!!!! Me: jeeze CJ how much beer did you have

  86. joey taylor

    joey taylor

    15 dagar sedan

    Y tf is there a skin care ad on a cboystv video wtf everything for money if they like it or not they gonna do it for the lil bit of cash bro everything in live abt money these days

  87. Danny Drifts

    Danny Drifts

    15 dagar sedan

    What about the mk1 cabby tho

  88. TheOfficialSquintz XP

    TheOfficialSquintz XP

    15 dagar sedan

    I know personally at least 10 people in this video including the cboys

  89. TheOfficialSquintz XP

    TheOfficialSquintz XP

    15 dagar sedan

    9:34 the guy in the bucket hat is annoying and right next to him is Austin my neighbor

  90. TheOfficialSquintz XP

    TheOfficialSquintz XP

    15 dagar sedan

    9:45 the guy itching his leg is my brothers friend Tyson Keezer

  91. TheOfficialSquintz XP

    TheOfficialSquintz XP

    15 dagar sedan

    If I didn't work I would have went.. I see my brothers old friend in there and I see my friends brother and his friend.. and I went to school with the cboys

  92. Brecken Skates

    Brecken Skates

    15 dagar sedan

    *points out security footage* *doesn’t show security footage*

  93. asfsdfsdf sdfsdfsdfgsd

    asfsdfsdf sdfsdfsdfgsd

    15 dagar sedan

    igh if i dont see a twin turbski kit and a wide body... im done

  94. thin mint

    thin mint

    15 dagar sedan

    love the vid

  95. Max Kenyton

    Max Kenyton

    15 dagar sedan

    Did cboys scrap the detailing brand😂

  96. Kehl Voivedich

    Kehl Voivedich

    15 dagar sedan

    Ya'll are real ones for putting the green bar at the bottom during the ad

  97. Matthew Melnyk

    Matthew Melnyk

    15 dagar sedan

    I have a giveaway for you guys give away the trach with tracks

  98. Arlene Wyatt

    Arlene Wyatt

    15 dagar sedan

    Ima be honest I thought that was a add at the start I was trying to skip it



    15 dagar sedan

    Why is the sponsored section always so sad?

  100. Kacy Davidson

    Kacy Davidson

    15 dagar sedan

    The check engine light is an over horsepower reading it’s fine