New Exo Snowmobile vs. Snow Bike!! (Mountain Riding)

Mountain riding in Jackson Hole, Wyoming!


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This video was done by professionals under the super vision of professionals on a closed course!

In todays video, we head out west to go snowmobiling in Wyoming. To find some deep snow and try our new exo sled in some deeper snow along with Micah's Timbersled.


  1. CboysTV


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    Hosting a snowmobile meet and ride in Cormorant, MN!! February 27th, 2021. More details to come later. Mark your calendars.

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      Please go subscribe to the Chautauqua County Outlaws

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      Can Canadians enter for the snowmobile as well

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      Thank you

    • Tucker Evans

      Tucker Evans

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      So Cboys announced that snowmobile meet up can I figure out if that is at hq2 or not???

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    That turbo tho 9:43

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    Nice vedeo

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    Good speed

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    Wyoming looks warmer than MN right now!

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    So exciting

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    My dream to this stuff an get paid there is nothing bètter. Love from Dublin Ireland

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    No hate but the exo sled is so funny looking🤣😭

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    I feel like Ben, Ryan, Evan, Ken, David, and Mike are like the most common names



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    When Evan hit the tree I said to myself does he know there’s a tree there he kinda just hit it

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    you should do more mountain vids

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    Timberslead you need a mototrax

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    That helmut is pimp.

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    I destroyed my snowmobile

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    When you have fallen over just use a bit of throttle and raise it up. It's much easier that way

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    You guys should water skip the eco sled

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    Can I have he Polaris snow mobile

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    The people who made this are watch and they are 😡

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    can you help me get a dirt bike

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    Dude I met RYAN at the gas station buying beer and pizza that day after he rode back cuz the exo sled sucked wang

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    Only if I lived in alpine wy I live in Gillette 😣

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    Ken sounds like a therapist 😂

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    The last two seconds summed it up great!



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    Hi guys I'm just wondering if you guys will ever go to Alaska if you do you should go to Hackers pass its like a playground out There i live out in alaska

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    I live in Canada is it still possible to win the snowmobile

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    You guys Rock!

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    I saw a ski bike just like that at the gas station this week its looked bad ass

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    this video wa

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      this video was so domb

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    Hey I got a 1997 skidoo mxz 583

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    Hey guys I live in Cody Wyoming

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    Hay guys I’m a guy that loves quads dirt bikes sleds. And I have always wanted to share my love with everyone on this platform. So if 1 or 2 people could go drop a sub it would mean a lot

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  62. Tobina Tombers

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    On the 28 or the 27th

  63. Tobina Tombers

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    Hey we're Minnesota guys up in detroit lakes and whatever day you guys are doing the meet up

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    • CboysTV


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      It’s just a snowmobile pit coat

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    Come to Dubois Wyoming thare is a lot of snow and it is -10 here

  92. Gary DeTaeye

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    good and bad is only determined where you live the snowmobile trail system around where i live no snow bikes allowed but you would be able to get away with the Exo cus its a snowmobile

  93. Stack


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    Why don’t you guys set up a Poker rally type event the day your having your get together in Cormorant and have your check points to pick up your next card all around Cormorant and the lake as that would eat up a few hours of good riding and obviously maybe do prizes for the best 5 poker hands or whatever, and whatever else you have planned for some events !! Just a thought as a good Poker run brings out the best in people !! Anyway whatever you guys have planned will be awesome on whatever you decide to do. Keep up the Great Work and Vids !! Stay and Play Safe !! 👊✌️

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