Bow Fishing for Giant Carp!!

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Bow Fishing for Giant Carp!!

This video was done by professionals under the supervision of professionals on a closed course!

In todays video, we go bow fishing for carp and sucker fish. Later we go horseback riding.


  1. CboysTV


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    Showing up to the Pit Bike winners house in the next 2 days see you soon

    • Coop99 Barber

      Coop99 Barber

      10 dagar sedan

      Why didn’t you go to turf Wars

    • Coop99 Barber

      Coop99 Barber

      10 dagar sedan

      Why didn’t you go to the turf wars

    • Dangle Co.

      Dangle Co.

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      Me pls

    • Hris Yelgen

      Hris Yelgen

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      Guys, great video. I m a geezer but this was one of the best non snowmobiling vids, I wanna see Ken ride a greased pig! Ok maybe just a full grown dry pig would be enough lol

    • Matteo Norman

      Matteo Norman

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      When is the podcast coming?

  2. Madelyn Rohan

    Madelyn Rohan

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    Dude ken goes 🤠😂😂😂

  3. Andrew Martin

    Andrew Martin

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  4. Jake Dean

    Jake Dean

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    “My horses don’t kick” almost gets knocked off her feet second later 😂

  5. Isaac Vandeurzen

    Isaac Vandeurzen

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    Ken did good on the horse

  6. dalepete71


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    if you guys don't get cowboy Ken a horse i'm unsubscribing, come on didn't you see all that natural ability?

  7. Austin Bengtson

    Austin Bengtson

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    Laughed so hard and so long watching ken on a horse! Good job butteee

  8. crazySmile 980

    crazySmile 980

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    the fear in kens voice when you ask if he is ok got me dead.

  9. Tijn Vandermassen

    Tijn Vandermassen

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    y’all better ate the fish tho

  10. Tijn Vandermassen

    Tijn Vandermassen

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    4:20 holy shit that made me itchy

  11. Colin Mafera

    Colin Mafera

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    I only pray that horse just darted without ken expecting it😂💀

  12. Rachael Lawley

    Rachael Lawley

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    I live in Vermont

  13. Dysfunctional DOM

    Dysfunctional DOM

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    This was funny to watch

  14. Farmer Fpv

    Farmer Fpv

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    LMAO, Ken riding a horse on every intro/outro should be mandatory! Holy sweet potatoes, I littery was having a stroke! 😂😂😂

  15. Levi Kruzel

    Levi Kruzel

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    If you wanna shoot some big carp lmk

  16. Aquaberry Backfist

    Aquaberry Backfist

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    How is EVERY giveaway winner somewhere in the east coast or Midwest

  17. Caeden Carroll

    Caeden Carroll

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    Since Ryan wants to ride a bull. I'm a bull rider and I got bulls he can ride but that's if you guys wanna come to West Virginia.

  18. mason blake

    mason blake

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    i love these dudes like fr

  19. Aquatics Gold

    Aquatics Gold

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  20. Duner250R


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    Imagine being a horse and having an itch on your back. How tf would you scratch it? Lol

  21. Mitchell Smith

    Mitchell Smith

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    "This ones got wild eyes were giving it to ken"

  22. Case Behn

    Case Behn

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    You guys should see this Clydesdales in person

  23. Jacky Thomy

    Jacky Thomy

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    Love the content👍

  24. Jay


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    You may not want to show mike locked in that cabinet, a friends son just died from the heat in a car. Locked himself in the car at 2 years old and died.

  25. Andy Bolstad

    Andy Bolstad

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    Ben should get a Subaru

  26. Rylen Johnson

    Rylen Johnson

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    I subscribed and I liked

  27. Rylen Johnson

    Rylen Johnson

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    When are you guys going to come to Kelowna

  28. Andy Bolstad

    Andy Bolstad

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    Water skip the truck

  29. Aka OneWay

    Aka OneWay

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    Ken’s horse was always taking off on him ahahah funny AF he’s panic face

  30. Hunter Godfrey

    Hunter Godfrey

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    Loping on a paved rode 🧐

  31. Trevor White

    Trevor White

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    Ben should get a 700 raptor quad

  32. xan cs

    xan cs

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  33. Erik


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    Ken's tig ol bitties all over the place. 🤣🤣

  34. Tristan Hossack

    Tristan Hossack

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    Ken on a horse is too funny!!😂

  35. BigCannonbtd


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    I have a friend who caught a 130 pound tuna. That thing was insane.

  36. john verrazzano

    john verrazzano

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    Omg when the horse got the flies off near the beginning of the horse section I fucking died for a bit

  37. Caleb Aldridge

    Caleb Aldridge

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    Thanks for the vids # I am living in Crosby mn

  38. teagan wall

    teagan wall

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    hey cboys, i finally made a youtube account, subscribed, and turned on the notifications. im your BIGGEST fan and i LOVE your content!

  39. kellen .baklund

    kellen .baklund

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    Cant miss with a shotgun

  40. Travis Rigby

    Travis Rigby

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    Can the reason your horse keeps on trying to run away is because you’re giving him the reins keep them a little bit tighter and she will walk if you have the reins lucid or really slacked up you were giving them permission to run

  41. Travis Rigby

    Travis Rigby

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    I think you guys should jump the fake Lambo through a bus

  42. Travis Rigby

    Travis Rigby

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    I have to say your videos from three years ago or way better than the videos you have now we like to see you ride not talk about your stupid fucking cars and see your new houses that we’re all paying for I’m glad you guys are super successful and the channel is done well but we want to see you ride ATVs snowmobiles for wheelers motorcycles that’s what we like personally your life and story does not affect me at all so the last year of videos have gotten really an interesting to me I want to see action

  43. evan parsons

    evan parsons

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    ken on a orse is making me cry lmao

  44. C.W. fishing

    C.W. fishing

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    Ken on that horse was hilarious lmao 🤣 ken: oh we are going 4 wheel drive

  45. Brendan Cramer

    Brendan Cramer

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    You should bring worldoftshirts fishing

  46. Leon Morley

    Leon Morley

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    poor carp :(

  47. GRK Silversky103

    GRK Silversky103

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    How late was it when you were done fishing and doced the boat?

  48. Beau McCorkendale

    Beau McCorkendale

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    The horse shit was to funny

  49. William Cunningham

    William Cunningham

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    Do it, get a set up

  50. Trevor Petyo

    Trevor Petyo

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    i can smell this video

  51. Casey Gardner

    Casey Gardner

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    I really want a dirt bike or a four wheeler or a go cart cause I don’t have a lot of money to buy any of those

  52. Casey Gardner

    Casey Gardner

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    I really want that pit bike I watch all of you vids you guys are really cool

  53. Kyron Playzz

    Kyron Playzz

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    seen this on their facebook story lol

  54. Rodolfo Lucio

    Rodolfo Lucio

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    Y'all should get a set like micah said

  55. Peg Asus

    Peg Asus

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    lmao i wanna see more horse riding

  56. Liam Streamer

    Liam Streamer

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    Your vids are the best

  57. GBayboy


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    the cboys got a stand up JetSki

  58. Charlie Blais

    Charlie Blais

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    i would like to know how old are all the cboys plz make a vid about that

  59. Coy Murphy13

    Coy Murphy13

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    Do more bow fishing

  60. Shane Lennon

    Shane Lennon

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    Ken needs a horse

  61. switch gaming

    switch gaming

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    The good new is ken can't hit a tree on a horse, the horse will just kick ken off. 😂

  62. switch gaming

    switch gaming

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    I hope I didn't win, you boys will have a long drive to Australia. 😂

  63. Millah Bagdonas

    Millah Bagdonas

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    When CJ said Ken is gonna be riding the bull and we’re gonna be riding the horses it reminded me of snotRod off cars kens snotrod and Cj and all the others are the sports cars

  64. Michael McDonald

    Michael McDonald

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  65. colton struckmeier

    colton struckmeier

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    Ken was the most majestic of all the creatures😂

  66. Flvk 2live

    Flvk 2live

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    ken on that horse is equal to girl gone wild from back when we where kids lmao all jokes though love you guys!

  67. BRADY Spanke

    BRADY Spanke

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    Well one thing I know it’s not me because I live is Canada



    12 dagar sedan

    hey where can i buy those sun shades that ben has time: 8:35

  69. Dirtbike Moan

    Dirtbike Moan

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    I gave this a like just because you got Ken on a horse 😂😂😂

  70. Daren Russell

    Daren Russell

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    Give away Ryan’s quad

  71. Gibson Menke

    Gibson Menke

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    Why did they put Ken on the smallest horse😂😂

  72. Lorenzo Mendez

    Lorenzo Mendez

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    I like your videos so much

  73. Lorenzo Mendez

    Lorenzo Mendez

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    • Lorenzo Mendez

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  75. That Farm Kid

    That Farm Kid

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    This is halarious you guys! Keep the videos up!

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    Johnny Hair

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  77. Cale Mitchell

    Cale Mitchell

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  78. Husky boys tv

    Husky boys tv

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    I'm sure glad Ken does good work in the packing area cause he literally is the lamest cboy of them all he never wants to do anything but damn he's funny to watch when the boys get him to do shit lmao 🤣😆 still love all of yall keep up the good work

  79. chauncyboi


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    totally should have brought a net for the mosquitos

  80. jwaad10


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    Can we get a stonks horse shirt

  81. Lawrence Guevarra

    Lawrence Guevarra

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    I hope it’s me

  82. BrightonDankTV


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    at least hit the fish over the head instead of leaving them to flap about for 20 minutes lmaoooo

  83. Thomas Satterfield

    Thomas Satterfield

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    Y’all need to come to North Alabama and bow fish Alligator Gar with fatal impact guided tours!

  84. rhino rinds

    rhino rinds

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    Dude that's insane, I had a black dog named Zena, they have a black horse named Zena

  85. Pepe vanduyn

    Pepe vanduyn

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    Pretty childish once again. Maybe some day the Cboys with be the Cmen

  86. Ryan Dorn

    Ryan Dorn

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  87. DreamBig_FlyHigh


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    Joey Harrington

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    Brody Bommersbach

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    I live like 3 minutes from where they were bowfishing.



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  95. Cayden LeBlanc

    Cayden LeBlanc

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  96. Damien Boyd

    Damien Boyd

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    Shouldve left micah in the tool bench and put a “free” sign on it on the end of the driveway😂

  97. austin howard

    austin howard

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    I was watching this video (The Best Place for Dirt Bike Riding in the Country!!) and then this one came out but i reached the part where you say you have never gone mountain biking in your life. I just want to say if you are reading this (likely not) it is really fun if you are athletic but Ken would suck at it and need an E-bike. But they are mostly illegal on trails here in Michigan. So this is one of those things that Ken can't do. (sorry for the hate on Ken)