Finding Massive Jumps in the Backcountry!

Finding some of the best snowmobile jumps in the backcountry!


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Biggest snowmobile jumps in the backcountry

This video was done by professionals under the super vision of professionals on a closed course!

In todays video, we head out to Wyoming to snowmobile with Boondock Nation and Jay Mentaberry. It was some really good riding and we find some massive jumps along the way!!


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    You need to pull a canoe behind one of your sleds and have Ben or mike ride behind the sled in the canoe in super deep snow

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    Can you give me a ski doo please

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    I feel old watching this, I remember when I bought my mach Z 1000 and thought it was cool lol. I may be old but come on guys that jump isn't that big.

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    Does anyone know what the name of the song is that starts at 5:25



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    ryan definitely held it wide

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    Hard to roast Ryans snowmobile riding when he spends most the time falling off the sled.

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    Fireshots !!!

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    Put a trampoline by the edge of ken and Ryans' office so you can jump off the edge and onto the trampoline.

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    I love black identity with white integrity . I am in the ghetto while on a ski hill with a snowmobile.. What the fuck , is your appeal.?? Sorry. I have been drinking the cool aid. LoL.

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    What’s with all those disgusting ski dos

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    Ryan was pretty decent at snowmobiling but not as good as the rest

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    Ryan u are a good snowmobiler

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