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In todays video, we take our hovercraft out on the lake to try and surf it. Our Friend Marc comes over with his completed Hummer H1 build and we buy 2 brand new crf 110 dirt bikes or pit bikes. The hovercraft is a Scat Hovercraft.


  1. CboysTV


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    Download Guns of Glory for free here:

    • Slap Dikkie

      Slap Dikkie

      24 dagar sedan

      @Ayden Harper ur mom must have been an addict

    • Ayden Harper

      Ayden Harper

      24 dagar sedan

      @greg vankoughnett What is the song called?

    • Ayden Harper

      Ayden Harper

      24 dagar sedan

      @Slap Dikkie Jealousy my guy

    • lovecats


      Månad sedan

      Can you do a pit bike giveaway

    • Karter Orrock

      Karter Orrock

      Månad sedan

      If you know Rylan Swenson he’s my friends we live in devils lake North Dakota he goes down ever summer he says he’s met you before and I’m trying to get money for a Honda 150f 4stroke and I can’t get enough I currently own a Polaris 450 sportsman I really want a dirt bike

  2. SamuraiKitty


    8 dagar sedan

    I wish i was one of them

  3. Hamza Mouslli

    Hamza Mouslli

    14 dagar sedan

    JUST 80 degrees that’s nothing

  4. Animal Glitch

    Animal Glitch

    19 dagar sedan


  5. Joey Beaudry

    Joey Beaudry

    21 dag sedan

    Hey congratulations scott

  6. Yaseen Playz

    Yaseen Playz

    21 dag sedan

    I bought a raptor 90 is that ok

  7. Wocy


    23 dagar sedan

    Get a nitro traxxas rc there fun

  8. Ayden Harper

    Ayden Harper

    24 dagar sedan

    Yo what songs did you guys use in this vid. It’s low key hype. By the way love the vids keep it up.

  9. Connor Gerths

    Connor Gerths

    24 dagar sedan

    what is that song

  10. Rob Hentz

    Rob Hentz

    27 dagar sedan

    Ryan looked so much like Casey Neistat when he was wearing just the space helmet and those circle lense glasses. You guys could pull off a serious deep fake with him wearing that. I couldn't tell the diff between them.

  11. Evan Partis

    Evan Partis

    Månad sedan

    You should do some more track like at glen Helen on 450 and 250

  12. Tf Mtb

    Tf Mtb

    Månad sedan

    Hey what you guys riding at TURF WARS????????

  13. VG Apparel

    VG Apparel

    Månad sedan

    “It was the no-ken-do drop” what a legend

  14. Nick Foertsch

    Nick Foertsch

    Månad sedan

    Click bait hahaha

  15. Jacob Beard

    Jacob Beard

    Månad sedan

    Why don’t you all buy bigger Cc pit bikes 140cc are absolute beasts

  16. Tyson Rae

    Tyson Rae

    Månad sedan

    Get one crf125cc 2021

  17. TV_ M

    TV_ M

    Månad sedan

    i really want a 110 not untell today i got to ride one but ime about 2.1k off the price off them

  18. Brogan Stephenson

    Brogan Stephenson

    Månad sedan

    You just make my day

  19. Brogan Stephenson

    Brogan Stephenson

    Månad sedan

    How can you have this good of a SE-one channel I have 1 million subscribers

  20. Reagan Kerney

    Reagan Kerney

    Månad sedan

    RC vids??

  21. xd foz

    xd foz

    Månad sedan


  22. Mark Solis

    Mark Solis

    Månad sedan

    Ok I'm 16 and 200 lbs, yes I'm a big boy idc, I dont want to buy a 250 because I know I'll get to cocky and kill myself on the trail, but I also don't want to buy a pit bike and it be hella underpowered, what should I buy?

  23. Furyrider


    Månad sedan

    Yo what was that outro music. I wanna know what it’s called

  24. 7j8x


    Månad sedan

    I wanna get a pitbike so bad but I'm from the UK so all the ones I can find are absolutely destroyed, or their engines have blown

  25. Matthew Griffore

    Matthew Griffore

    Månad sedan

    It's: - Trial by fire - Trial & error Keep 'em coming!

  26. Santiago Sanchez

    Santiago Sanchez

    Månad sedan

    How much for my pit bike I'm trying to sell it

  27. Tate Narr

    Tate Narr

    Månad sedan

    Bro what kinda of shoes are thoses white ones Ben is wearing

  28. Jose Sebastian

    Jose Sebastian

    Månad sedan

    got a mini bike that would be really funny to see you guys driving around lol

  29. Jesse Parker

    Jesse Parker

    Månad sedan

    whats the song they use called

  30. Jagger VandenBorn

    Jagger VandenBorn

    Månad sedan

    Hay in a Farmer

  31. Jagger VandenBorn

    Jagger VandenBorn

    Månad sedan

    Hay I’m a Farmer

  32. off-road outlaws king 89

    off-road outlaws king 89

    Månad sedan

    No way Ben hit puberty 😂

  33. William Bennett

    William Bennett

    Månad sedan

    I like how we come for the thumbnail and get so much more lol

  34. Justyn Sherrill

    Justyn Sherrill

    Månad sedan

    So where did the stock tires go?!?!? I’ll definitely take them if you guys are just tossing them. Love the content life wide open boys 🤘🏻

  35. Iliana Garcia

    Iliana Garcia

    Månad sedan

    Sure will download the game.

  36. Bryan L

    Bryan L

    Månad sedan

    Whats the song at 5:11 ?

  37. Ethan Regel

    Ethan Regel

    Månad sedan

    Can a 11 year old Canadian win the draw?

  38. themoos420


    Månad sedan

    are you all dead !?!!??!!

  39. Ludrick Cameron

    Ludrick Cameron

    Månad sedan

    Get a mud riding 4 wheeler

  40. Vonell Ledbetter

    Vonell Ledbetter

    Månad sedan


  41. Luke Parrott

    Luke Parrott

    Månad sedan

    Y’all should drive past people on the lake with the water sled

  42. Antonio Aguilar

    Antonio Aguilar

    Månad sedan

    Say hi back if you're not gay 😂

  43. TBF Duckling

    TBF Duckling

    Månad sedan

    Hey I love your vids they are awesome. I really want a pit bike but I don’t want to spend all my money to get one so you know where I can get a cheeper one .

  44. Jory Sawyer

    Jory Sawyer

    Månad sedan

    You should name the podcast Behind the c

  45. Turner DaGoat

    Turner DaGoat

    Månad sedan

    You guys haven’t posted in like a week I need more content

  46. Owen Gagnon

    Owen Gagnon

    Månad sedan

    Where is the new video

  47. Hayden Patton

    Hayden Patton

    Månad sedan

    you guys should sell pit bike wraps those look dope

  48. Steve Trojano

    Steve Trojano

    Månad sedan

    I ordered a CRF50 in January and it came last week. My CRF110 is expected in July. It is insane.

  49. Keegan Wynkoop

    Keegan Wynkoop

    Månad sedan

    I would love an ATV I never had one before I always ride someone else’s atv can you do a atv giveaway

  50. Cabbage Sniffer

    Cabbage Sniffer

    Månad sedan

    How drunk is Ryan at 11:30

  51. kriptic rize3

    kriptic rize3

    Månad sedan

    ben = ceo of intros

  52. Jacob Buck

    Jacob Buck

    Månad sedan

    No way Ben actually plays that game

  53. Trevor Scott

    Trevor Scott

    Månad sedan

    Where do you guys get your quad/dirt bike/sxs/snowmobile wraps. I need to know because I am wrapping my quad soon but I don’t know where to get the wrap so please tell me

  54. Jake Hall

    Jake Hall

    Månad sedan

    What is the song the first one PLEASE TELL MEE

  55. Sheri L.

    Sheri L.

    Månad sedan

    6 year old me getting my first comment liked by the video creator: OH MY GOD THEY LIKED MY COMMENT me now: oh, wow another liked comment by the creators. That's 1,846,602

  56. Peter Maccaroni

    Peter Maccaroni

    Månad sedan

    As always you boys down there at CBoys sure put out some legit good content. Thanks and keep up the awesome work guys.

  57. Kaylon Hoffman

    Kaylon Hoffman

    Månad sedan

    Love your guys videos so much please keep making amazing vids ad amazing content u guys have inspired my second you tube channel

  58. Kaden Campbell

    Kaden Campbell

    Månad sedan

    You guys need to make a new intro!!

  59. Cathal Monahan

    Cathal Monahan

    Månad sedan

    Can I have Ryan’s vipers please 😫

  60. Caden Weise

    Caden Weise

    Månad sedan

    Hi guys I recently broke my thumb,hand and I need a pit bike to cruise around on can you guys hook me up with one please

  61. Austin Sheremeta

    Austin Sheremeta

    Månad sedan

    i cant beleive ryan has fake pit vipers you guys must be struggling

  62. Evan Lepping

    Evan Lepping

    Månad sedan

    whos husky is that in the background at 10:24

  63. Bad Wolf62

    Bad Wolf62

    Månad sedan

    never say that about traxxas there like the best rc cars ever made

  64. Chester Prince Lantang

    Chester Prince Lantang

    Månad sedan

    btw iv been driving quads for 5 years sooooo pls a fat one plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  65. Chester Prince Lantang

    Chester Prince Lantang

    Månad sedan

    il do anything plsssssssssssssssssssssss

  66. Chester Prince Lantang

    Chester Prince Lantang

    Månad sedan

    or a quad, not the broken ones plssssssssssss i need it

  67. Chester Prince Lantang

    Chester Prince Lantang

    Månad sedan

    btw not the one that is broken the 2021 version pls

  68. Chester Prince Lantang

    Chester Prince Lantang

    Månad sedan

    I can't afford anything bc its too expensive bc I live in Indonesia pls I need one to buy some groceries every time I have to buy some I have to walk for 30 minutes and I always hate it bc its too long pls Cboys i need one btw I have been sub for 4 years and I'm 12 bye

  69. Cole Harmon

    Cole Harmon

    Månad sedan

    Hi I might be getting a YZ125 any tips.

  70. Chester Prince Lantang

    Chester Prince Lantang

    Månad sedan

    hey Cboys can i have 1 of the pit bikes pls i need one I don't have the money to buy one pls if u want to chat with me text me at inta my acc name is the name pls

  71. Marius Engevold

    Marius Engevold

    Månad sedan

    Hey guys I love what you do. keep up the good work. What happened Ben? working Out or just chilling. You have gotten bigger Since Last 30 last videos

  72. Will Hamilton

    Will Hamilton

    Månad sedan

    Whose husky is that at 10:10

  73. Kyron Playzz

    Kyron Playzz

    Månad sedan

    what the hell thought i missed a vid😂🤣

  74. Kevin Michael Media

    Kevin Michael Media

    Månad sedan

    The front left part of the skirt needs to be reziptied. Content is golden

  75. Bryce Koste

    Bryce Koste

    Månad sedan

    I wish I had a bike

  76. T'N'T


    Månad sedan

    Are u guys going to turf wars this year

  77. not maddox just kidding

    not maddox just kidding

    Månad sedan

    what happened to the title “surfing a hovercraft”

  78. Alex Tubolino

    Alex Tubolino

    Månad sedan

    Ryan doesn’t wanna be a cboy anymore…

  79. Javier Gutierrez

    Javier Gutierrez

    Månad sedan

    You guys need to buy quads and ride

  80. kane boy clips

    kane boy clips

    Månad sedan

    ben you should get the honda 450 2022 off the lot and do so sick crap

  81. kane boy clips

    kane boy clips

    Månad sedan

    ben you should get the honda 450 2022 off the lot and do so sick crap

  82. kane boy clips

    kane boy clips

    Månad sedan

    i love u guy yr my #1

  83. kane boy clips

    kane boy clips

    Månad sedan

    ben you should get the honda 450 2022 off the lot and do so sick crap

  84. kane boy clips

    kane boy clips

    Månad sedan

    ben you should get the honda 450 2022 off the lot and do so sick crap

  85. kane boy clips

    kane boy clips

    Månad sedan

    ben you should get the honda 450 2022 off the lot and do so sick crap

  86. Caiden Mcknight

    Caiden Mcknight

    Månad sedan

    only people who watched it early know they changed the title and thumbnail

  87. Liam Scully

    Liam Scully

    Månad sedan

    can you guys please go back to the lodge in Idaho please that video was awsome

  88. Caleb Derry

    Caleb Derry

    Månad sedan

    Make a kens pay cheque shirt

  89. Austin Gabrielle

    Austin Gabrielle

    Månad sedan

    I love your guyses videos

  90. Rocked N Dropped

    Rocked N Dropped

    Månad sedan

    Where are you guys based? Canada ?

  91. Chase Larsen

    Chase Larsen

    Månad sedan

    Give away a Ford ranger

  92. panda tricks

    panda tricks

    Månad sedan

    Anyone notice Ben fucked up the sponsor for games of glory instead of guns lol

  93. Rhea Akins

    Rhea Akins

    Månad sedan

    I’ve always wanted A quad or a dirtbike because my brother has a quad and I’ve always wanted to ride with him I’m ur biggest fan

  94. Yxng.6


    Månad sedan

    Danny Duncan x C boys tv ???

  95. Jace G

    Jace G

    Månad sedan

    Oof you could see the bone😳😳😳

  96. _FlashFox_


    Månad sedan

    Gifted 2 samsung users 2 iPhones

  97. Dillon Reynolds

    Dillon Reynolds

    Månad sedan

    Is Mike's Subaru coming back

  98. 50 Channel

    50 Channel

    Månad sedan

    I have been ripping my pit bike downtown Toronto for years and I always have a blast

  99. 50 Channel

    50 Channel

    Månad sedan

    You can always have a great time ripping on a pit bike

  100. Thicok45


    Månad sedan

    Nothing like to Cboys doing a mobile I ad sponsorship