I Put Barn Animals In My Friends New House

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I Put Barn Animals in My Friends New House

This video was done by professionals under the supervision of professionals on a closed course!

In todays video, the boys close on their new house and give a little tour of it. The next day Ben Pulls debatably the most legendary prank of all time by putting barn animals in the new house. CJ's room got chickens and Kens room got goats. The boys were pretty surprised hahahaha.


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    This is the funniest thing they’ve done no doubt

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    Spoiled toddlers, grow up and get a real job and start contributing to society instead of playing at the expense of others all day.

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    Ben is my man crush from now. 🤣

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    i hope you guys end up doing something for micahs room, something sick since he did kinda get assfucked in the deal, he deserves it anyways



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    I died when she said "Benjamin"😂

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    "because they're fucking goats!" -big ken 2021

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    I wonder if Micah will get a quad like he said

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    Bens face: FIVE HUNDRED.

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    Notice how everyone but Ben has this father-like attitude now that they bought a house? “You broke the last one, so you need to clean it.” And “remind me never to invite you when we buy a house again.”

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    PSA: only purchase tickets if you want to actually donate to their charities. Wizza operates as a sweepstakes org and if you read the fine print. Purchasing tickets does not increase your likelihood of winning any of their items. You can send in a letter and be entered the max number of entries allowed. Overall it’s basically a scam. Donating directly to charities you support is a much better option.

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