The New CRF 450 Three Wheeler (Worth $14,000?)

Possibly the best three wheeler ever made.


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New CRF 450 Three Wheeler

The New CRF 450 Three Wheeler (Worth $14,000?)

This video was done by professionals under the super vision of professionals on a closed course!

In todays video, we convert Bens CRF 450 dirt bike into a CRF 450 Three Wheeler! It works surprisingly well and is really fun to ride! Later CJ and Micah fix his window on the Subaru. We create a big mess in the shop and we have a snowmobile meet and ride in our hometown of Cormorant, Minnesota!


  1. CboysTV


    3 månader sedan

    • Paul Davis

      Paul Davis

      Månad sedan

      i like them so much better with and atv throttle

    • Camden Perry

      Camden Perry

      Månad sedan

      @Ant man P ok

    • Ant man P

      Ant man P

      Månad sedan

      @Kmanginger 35 ii

    • Ant man P

      Ant man P

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      @Camden Perry 8morning juhtdrrryy

    • Owen Rogers

      Owen Rogers

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      You guys have him go out there every winter with them tires on you'll nice concrete

  2. Bnjmn Hllnbck

    Bnjmn Hllnbck

    5 timmar sedan

    This music is on point in this video, nice work dudes! Love your guys channel

  3. Logan Curran

    Logan Curran

    2 dagar sedan

    the 2020 honda atc

  4. Alec James

    Alec James

    2 dagar sedan

    Yo you got to take that on the ice

  5. Chase McKee

    Chase McKee

    18 dagar sedan

    6:00 well I guess my dad is a physco

  6. Jrrrmy


    22 dagar sedan

    Brakes work

  7. Dxrk Ariel

    Dxrk Ariel

    22 dagar sedan

    Does he not get cold

  8. Kyle Knudsen

    Kyle Knudsen

    23 dagar sedan

    oh man... i've got an 84 250r with a 300 kit and nothing is as fun as that

  9. YGWylee


    24 dagar sedan

    what ever happened to justin lol he used to always be in the videos

  10. Evan O'neill

    Evan O'neill

    25 dagar sedan

    The 250r 4 wheeler was a beast also in the early 90s! I remember my friend had one and it was insanely fast! It mostly sat in the garage and was rarely used (even with 300+ acres of trails, mud and everything you could want for a dirtbike or 4 wheeler) less than 200 ft away from their house!

  11. FCpl Barnett

    FCpl Barnett

    25 dagar sedan

    Fucking Larry Enticer this shit.

  12. Andrew Olmsted

    Andrew Olmsted

    28 dagar sedan

    You guys missed the mark. This should be a Hyabusa build.

  13. Gavin Woodard

    Gavin Woodard

    29 dagar sedan

    Where can I get one

  14. Dawson Specht

    Dawson Specht

    Månad sedan

    Cyclone the trike

  15. honda biker

    honda biker

    Månad sedan

    Hell yeah! BVC racing in Plattsburgh NY for make that kit. I used to ride with them guys at our local track when. They used to rebuild my bikes for me!

  16. frankyg2384


    Månad sedan

    I have a 2004 Honda CR250R Two Stroke I would love to do that to, never knew these existed, problem is the kits are $2800, so jealous!

  17. HAB the FoXBiRB

    HAB the FoXBiRB

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    Not even 5 mins in someone's doing donuts😂🦊

  18. James Brown

    James Brown

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  19. John Jaco

    John Jaco

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  20. BetsTheBoy


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    This is literally just a 2001-2004 Honda Trx 400EX rear end on a dirt bike. You should have just got the 400 ex and used its rear end... it would have been cheaper!

  21. Grayson Weagle

    Grayson Weagle

    Månad sedan

    Why do there only pick at ken

  22. Maverickman


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    Ronnie Mac on a three wheeler

  23. Shortclips 101

    Shortclips 101

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    You guys are the best 😂😂

  24. gjk t

    gjk t

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    The longing limit emphatically whip because driver trivially bubble next a young fact. noxious, amusing ice

  25. Tjay 3way

    Tjay 3way

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    4 stroke motors sound like crap!

  26. David Fuertes

    David Fuertes

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    I'm an old fart Give me an ATC any day over a four wheeler

  27. Jaxon Quackenbush

    Jaxon Quackenbush

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    they build a hole 3 wheeler then but pay someone to install a heater

  28. Ze Ak

    Ze Ak

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  29. BTH 11586

    BTH 11586

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    That's fuckin badass

  30. That lofi Kid

    That lofi Kid

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    im 14 and i rip around on a threewheeler 2 wheels and all fishtails its lit dangrous though bc i anint got fenders

  31. Epic Jude

    Epic Jude

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    It was worth like 100k

  32. You Jackass

    You Jackass

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    Funny they can build a trike from a dirt bike but can't put in a heater



    Månad sedan

    It’s the equivalent to buying a ktm

  34. Lex Senin

    Lex Senin

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    covid ?

    • Lex Senin

      Lex Senin

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      im not a hater btw i love the videos

  35. Tibor Balek

    Tibor Balek

    Månad sedan

    ben was wasted

  36. matt 2525

    matt 2525

    Månad sedan

    Was that an old polaris indy 800 triple? Miss my Mach Z 1000.

  37. matt 2525

    matt 2525

    Månad sedan

    Funny I remember being young and absolutely stupid, and didnt care. Those were the days. Only three things that mattered were sleds, bikes, and beer. Rock on fellers rock on. DO NOT HAVE KIDS. Seems like a good idea but it is absolutely NOT!!!!!!

  38. Ethan is the man

    Ethan is the man

    Månad sedan

    So worth it

  39. XD Freezy 7

    XD Freezy 7

    Månad sedan

    Micahs always wearing a jacket

  40. XD Freezy 7

    XD Freezy 7

    Månad sedan

    You need to ad a wheelie bar to break

  41. Kinetic Kustoms & Racing

    Kinetic Kustoms & Racing

    Månad sedan

    Growing up with my mom racing the beast, the absolute key to the 250r honda 3 wheeler is dont be scared of the powerband. Grip and rip it while practically sitting on footpegs. You will be much less likely to highside. The people who wrecked them the most causing the gov to outlaw them where the two weekend a year warriors that thought they knew how to ride or race. The fifty peiple i knew growing up never had a problem with the 250r or banshee

  42. Eli Brown

    Eli Brown

    Månad sedan

    Thats the 80s for u.... ballz to the mother fucking wallz. 3WHEELERS , ROCK N ROLL, DRUGS, REAGAN and AIDES. THE MOST DANGEROUS AGE IN ALL HISTORY.

  43. Devlyn Warren

    Devlyn Warren

    Månad sedan

    I'm surprised Ken didn't flip with how crazy he was being with it

  44. Xisityx


    Månad sedan

    Bro was not lying about trade up to 3 wheeler

  45. Liam Quinn’s vlogs

    Liam Quinn’s vlogs

    Månad sedan

    bro the guy installing the heater must be so confused

  46. Tony Bob

    Tony Bob

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    Will you ever put tires on the Yamaha you have

  47. redneck_sammy


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    Who thinks Cboys and cleetus should collab

  48. Ant man P

    Ant man P

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  49. VERXY Critql

    VERXY Critql

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    I fucking need one!!!!!!

  50. Ryan Welter

    Ryan Welter

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    12:36 look at Ryan doing the wheelie lol

  51. sway fx

    sway fx

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    get murf on it

  52. Tristan Seep

    Tristan Seep

    Månad sedan

    I can’t imagine what their life insurance is like

    • Richard Head

      Richard Head

      15 dagar sedan

      Lucky to even have any, especially when documenting their antics lol

  53. Soljias


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    bens a real beauty holy fawk

  54. Dirtbike Preformance YT

    Dirtbike Preformance YT

    2 månader sedan


  55. Zayne Rogers

    Zayne Rogers

    2 månader sedan

    Do you guys know whistle diesel

  56. R C

    R C

    2 månader sedan

    The donut looked cool but also looks like they sped up the clip in the editing which is kinda lame if true. 12 year old me would think this channel was cool. 18 years later not really but looks fun nonetheless. The commentary seems forced and cringeworthy at times. Best of luck guys. Long road ahead of you.

  57. MAGA 2024!

    MAGA 2024!

    2 månader sedan

    My cousin has those exact Honda 3 wheelers in the commercial!

  58. KB Customs

    KB Customs

    2 månader sedan

    Gotta love 3 wheelers !!

  59. Jc Money

    Jc Money

    2 månader sedan

    The BVCs are quality but raked out like a fucking chopper

  60. kaylee johnson

    kaylee johnson

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    Yo gg

  61. Levi Fellows

    Levi Fellows

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    intil it tips

  62. Joshua Vlogs

    Joshua Vlogs

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  63. Brayden Miszuk

    Brayden Miszuk

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    listen cboys u have to let off the gas when ur turning

  64. Grant Henneous

    Grant Henneous

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    Yeah let's just angle grind the chain off instead of removing the master link😂

  65. Robert Amaral

    Robert Amaral

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  66. User 5.56

    User 5.56

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    why did u cut the chain off..? isnt it easier to take the link off..? I get why someone would want a new death trike & Probably 2-3 times faster then the trx250r 2 stroke motor.. But for 14k i would just "restore" two of the 86 ATC250R.. Also i dont think there is many people out there Now or 30 years ago riding the 250R Trike saying "Yeah this is Great i wanna go 3x's faster around that bend.!!"

  67. Elizabeth Sexton

    Elizabeth Sexton

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    Y’all need to make one of these and give it away

  68. Corban Haley

    Corban Haley

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    You a killer lol

  69. Corban Haley

    Corban Haley

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    Chil though man

  70. Corban Haley

    Corban Haley

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    yoyo that's cool man

  71. Nevin Hall

    Nevin Hall

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    Put four wheels on a dirt bike!!!

  72. Brian Gonzales

    Brian Gonzales

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    The flat enquiry pivotally fancy because health epidemiologically arrange including a marvelous salesman. black, wasteful willow

  73. Richard Fairchild

    Richard Fairchild

    2 månader sedan

    wow, straight cringe at 10:20 when the dog gets scared

  74. don seymour

    don seymour

    2 månader sedan

    Honestly, with the mono, looks like y'all just built the worlds most stable trike. This coming from someone who has a titanium parts, from a 80's trike.

  75. Grant MacDonald

    Grant MacDonald

    2 månader sedan

    So col

  76. Parag S

    Parag S

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  77. Kaiden Bowers

    Kaiden Bowers

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    All 522 dislikes are karen's, and if a karen reads this. Get a life, thank you for reading my 10000 word speech.

  78. Dhruv sharma

    Dhruv sharma

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    Great work

  79. KnallgasKalle


    2 månader sedan

    How the fuck can you do these meetings in the USA?? In Germany the police would just show up, if you meet with 5 people in public and everybody needs to pay like 250$ I want this, what you have, damn...😥

  80. Anuradha Kumari

    Anuradha Kumari

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  81. Max Peters

    Max Peters

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    ben is so bad as$

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    U should do a give away

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    Nice threewheeler

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  89. Patrick Schaeffer

    Patrick Schaeffer

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    Why was breaking Ryan's stuff satisfying

  90. M.R-- KING -- GAMING

    M.R-- KING -- GAMING

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  91. Yadagiri Narasimha

    Yadagiri Narasimha

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    Kk nice

  92. Diwan Singh Kunwar

    Diwan Singh Kunwar

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    Like it

  93. Ex.Active


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    So Ben do you have dirt bike are you getting a knew one like what is going on

  94. kuldeep singh

    kuldeep singh

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    Throws on the Jean jacket and goes crazy

  95. Anuradha Kumari

    Anuradha Kumari

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    Very nice

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    Nice work

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    thrilled to watch

  98. M.R-- KING -- GAMING

    M.R-- KING -- GAMING

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    Nice 👍

  99. CRAZY LUKE on 2 wheels

    CRAZY LUKE on 2 wheels

    2 månader sedan

    You guys think this 450 trike is crazy?!? The company that makes that kit, BVC trikes, built a modern cr500 trike! That’s a cr500 2 stroke, on a crf250r aluminum frame, converted into a trike! Or for short, Death on three wheels, They also made a modern 250 2 stroke also! Just look up BVC and watch there videos on it! There friggin awesome!

  100. SpikenMike


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    yup this made me want to ride my big red brb