Busting through ice with Tiny

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Busting through ice with Tiny

Tiny on Thicc Ice

Tiny's Return on Thicc Ice
This video was done by professionals under the supervision of professionals on a closed course!

In todays video, we get our monster car "Tiny" back after roughly 7 months of it being in the shop. We do some burnouts, mudding, and ice hopping. We also announce the winner to the Polaris 600r snowmobile giveaway. Congrats Landon Underwood of Vermont.


  1. CboysTV


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    Congrats to @_landonunderwood on winning the Polaris 600r Giveaway! Facetime with him is at the end of video

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      I mean I have a couple excavators but it depends on how deep you want the pond

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      meta wolf woods

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      Yo I would help you guys dig it

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      Bradford Murphy

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      If you give away that trike I’ll buy the entire merch drop!!

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      Garrett Pettis

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      @CboysTV come to Vermont!

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    Can't wait for the I don't respect enything Ken shirt hahaah

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    Earth day??? Never heard of her

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    Legends say they got arrested doing a burnout

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    How is that street legal

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    Get a free 32 GB flash and micro sd

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    New trans let's brake tork

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    That thing needs some splash guards.

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    Man says what a crazy town we’re going to pick up a tiny car lift it with a V-8 engine in it

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    Hi cboytv i am sub to u. My name is storme wiese

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    Good luck

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    dude i just went on vacation in saint Albans VT

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    I remember when you took tiny mudding

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    Nice scene

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    Suggestions for the next video: putting a monster truck wheels on a lambo

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    Like it

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    My family has a excavator but we don’t have a trailer to bring it to Minnesota

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    Holy crap when you said Landon I flip my crap but then you said a difrant name and I was like dang it

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    Nice 👍

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    micah's just casually sitting in the tool box lol

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    tiny is like the cboys teddy bear it's even got a missing headlight XD

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