Shifter Kart on Highway with No Speed Limit

Riding our Shifter Karts at the Bonneville Salt Flats!


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Shifter Karts at the Salt Lake Flats!!

Shifter Karts at Bonneville Salt Flats!

This video was done by professionals under the super vision of professionals on a closed course!

In todays video, we bring our shifter karts to the Legendary Bonneville Salt Flats! Our friend Chanler from Godfrey Proof comes along too and brings his Lowered Drift Build Polaris RZR Turbo. We order chairs to replace the ones we broke of Randy's and Ben gets a new AWE Exhaust for his Ford Raptor!


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      @FaheemplayzRL hi

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      How do I get a job working with you guys haha

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      Bro what’s the song at 8:15

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      Move to hony vill



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      Hi mi Travis

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    The bashful buzzard undoubtedly smash because scarecrow subjectively please times a crabby dashboard. solid, maniacal tv

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    I saw you guys except I did not go on it

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    Hey I heard you liked bay blades

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    hands down best video you guys have made

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    What’s the song

    • Tim Podgwaite

      Tim Podgwaite

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      Everyday -Justin Starling

  7. Cole Shanks

    Cole Shanks

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    he has aa trinity exhaust on his rzr. that thing is lit

  8. Zayden Donahue

    Zayden Donahue

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    when the only thing mikes good at riding is the snowmobile lol

  9. Vincent Martin

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    In the morning there are no metal left on the shifter carts lol

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    shes a buetty

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    ford rapter all the wayyyyyyy boyessssss

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    I live 30 mins away from the salt flats but I never go out

  13. Skott Lee

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    "You mean there's no speed limit on this lake bed??" What a bunch of morons holy shit

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    This reminds me of lighting mcqueen

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    Eddie VR?

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    Did you guys go to diesel brothers shop?

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    dudes out here living my dream

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    This whole video is what fun looks like

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    “...we should build some salt flats”- Micha Sandman CboysTV 2021

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    Michi würd des Auto noch nehm was letzte Preis?

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    da wambagini

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    These guys have the best life every boy could wish for.

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    Shoulda got a Chevy tho

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    that is like 2 min away from were i live

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    8:33: crew 2 be like

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    Driving a snow mobile on what’s basically asphalt. 👌

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    1:37 had me at first ngl

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    i wish i had connections to do stuff like this

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    I feel like they should use the limo on this.

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    loved the vid so far but how did you guys get the offroad thing in the trailer and not notice that getting it out would be a problem?

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    3:58 Where this baby hits 88 mph

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    Bring the jelly bean

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    what is the name of the second song

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    Just likes the ground lol

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    Unless your mormon I would not move to Utah, they do not like outsiders. Plus why would you move from Minnesota where you freeze your balls off most of the year and move to another place where you freeze your balls off most of the year. Out west it's all BLM, no DNR like in the midwest.

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    Im bored

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    How much does a shifter kart cost

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    They should bring the c8 now

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    3:31 they reached 100

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    come with the corvette to the salt place

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    7:24 that one honda in your neighborhood at 3 am

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    "i paid for the whole speedometer, so I'm going to use the whole speedometer"

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    you guys should go there in the summer to Bonneville race track

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    get the trx dodge

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    they are having so much fun

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    Id be worried about overheating that

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    Those tires are getting chewed up I bet

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    You guys are crazy

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    Lets all appreciate the drone drivers skill 💯

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      aw nvm got it it's "every day "- justin starling

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    Sad bunch of rich kids is all i saw here...

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    11:37 that chair kick always gets me

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    What?!! They were in UTAH.. I'm just 30 minutes from there! Wish I visit yall

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    Yup I live here. It’s pretty lit

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    Nobody Rusted car: how too diy

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    As a man from Utah, Thankyou 😁

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    Laughs in German Autobahn..

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    yall should tack the tesala

  60. Nathan Storment

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    the pop coming from the exaust is called a back fire its when the engine is burning off parchaly burnt full

  61. Twix


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    I use to have Jeff Gordon's shifter kart from before he went to sprint cars. 70hp 150 pounds 5 speed. Had it age 7-13. I was scared to go into third gear but my uncle took it down a back road and got clocked by an officer at 93mph. Luckily it was one of his good friends.

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    Prise Gaming

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    7:25 thought it was the kart flying, not the drone lmao

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    This whole video was just fun with the homies

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    that raptor almost sounds like a old nsx

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    thanks for your help with me all brothers and subscribers 🙏🙏🙏🙏👍👍

  67. Steve Bean

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    That V6 raptor is weak. Come to NC charlotte I have a 6.2 with a procharger raptor we can race at rockingham raceway anytime. Then we can hear you say what is a real motor and a baby toy briggs and stratton piece of shit.

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    Meet up with stradman

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    I wanna see an Aussie burnout car go there

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    Kansas in a nutshell

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    Good speed

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    The red shifter cart is crazy!!! Who else is crazed that it still works

  80. Silvanator YT

    Silvanator YT

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    The red shifter cart is crazy!!! Who else is crazed that it still works

  81. Thomas Srsich

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    The delirious statistic temporarily repeat because fiction relevantly strengthen despite a animated canoe. safe, square range

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    Oooh the rust, the neverending rust....

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    Awsom job guys

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    im gonna laugh in 6 months when their shit starts rusting out

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    Rocking speed

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    Go to autobahn

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    That would be a blast

  89. Nicole C

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    You went all the way there & didn’t take a small plug in air compressor

  90. Nicole C

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    Just rock hard & no bumps. Cool

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    Give it time they will make a law ( stop having fun ) law. For your safety

  92. unsafe weevil

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    It probably back fired and lost power Cuz the valves back out and if it's a 2 stroke it could be spark plug or u sucked in sum trash I'd recommend cleaning intake amd exhaust clean the carb and check or replace the plug and it should be fine hell it could just be the plug started to fail out amd the back fire Cuz it mis fired amd then fired on extra fuel

  93. unsafe weevil

    unsafe weevil

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    Next time when u do the 4x4 360 lock ur front diff or it wont be as good Cuz if the front diff is unlocked its spins more controllable

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