Dirt Bikes at the Playground

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This video was done by professionals under the supervision of professionals on a closed course!

In todays video, we give you an update on our shop build and ride some pit bikes for the day! Later we watch the Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren boxing match and things get a little out of hand.


  1. CboysTV


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    New Drop is Live @ www.cboystv.com

    • Unsesquipedalian


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      Fake as fuck.

    • Lucas Fennema

      Lucas Fennema

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      We want more chair montages

    • Michael Hernandez

      Michael Hernandez

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      Can you guys do a garage tour of all the toys

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      Slap Dikkie

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      Mark 😂

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      gotta be dropping music links

  2. Abrownie 0609

    Abrownie 0609

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    “I think I tore my butt”. “Your butt”? “MY BUTT”!!🤣😂👌

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    You defenetly deserved a subscribe for this vid boys XD

  4. Brayden Hiller

    Brayden Hiller

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    Ben:”this is why we can’t have nice things”:also them having any toy you can think of and a track

  5. That One Robloxian

    That One Robloxian

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    You’re the definition of made it

  6. MATHIS Petrus

    MATHIS Petrus

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    Those chairs are crap ! On mine we can sit an elephant !

  7. Tim Gramm

    Tim Gramm

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    Micah’s a sleepy boy 🙆‍♂️



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  9. RickM


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    I love it.

  10. Gus Gilhen

    Gus Gilhen

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    It is one in the morning and I am watching this and it is try not to laugh but if u do u get grounded

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    Click bait

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    How many likes for u to give me a free shirt 🤞🏻

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    What’s the rap song in the beginning?

  14. Blayk Richardson

    Blayk Richardson

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    I love how cj used to be the wheelie king now he can barely wheelie a pit bike

  15. Village Production

    Village Production

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    What dirt bike is that?

  16. warren camden

    warren camden

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    the end tho lol

  17. warren camden

    warren camden

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    7:00 is it bad that i want to do this but with a faster bike

  18. Chris Chamberlain

    Chris Chamberlain

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    Thumbnail begins at 6:30

  19. Kravalis Roberts

    Kravalis Roberts

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    eyo what are dose sunglasses that ben is wearing? i want those

  20. Rob Hentz

    Rob Hentz

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    I thought of a couple shirts I need to see in the next drop... 1st one is just a big graphic of a gopro with a cracked screen with "Dummy Zone" either ontop or below the graphic... or have the "Dummy Zone" be printed on the back across the shoulders... 2nd one is a pic of Dummy Zone with "This is why we can't have nice things" right under the pic.... 3rd one and this could be a whole line of shirts that have photo graphics of things that have been absolutely shredded by the CBoys and the script saying "This was a nice thing we had" or stick to the "This is why we can't have nice things" - Dummy Zone. Any play on that quote would go great with pics of things that have been broken, accidentally blowing smoke, wrecked, totaled, or all of the above. You guys are killin it!! 🤙🤙

  21. White Tiger MGR

    White Tiger MGR

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    Let’s get these guys to 10 mill

  22. Sam Ogden

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  23. Keaton Mcrae

    Keaton Mcrae

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    Hey bro can you please get me a pit bike please

  24. Truthasivebeen Shown

    Truthasivebeen Shown

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    So wheres the quad master at ? I think I missed it boys fill me in

  25. Linus Andersson

    Linus Andersson

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    can i live there when i move out? i am a drummer, dj and an electrician

  26. The Judge

    The Judge

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    When do you EVER see a merry go round

  27. Rod Parmenter

    Rod Parmenter

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    You should make a movie called pit bike play ground

  28. Jaydee oof Bruh

    Jaydee oof Bruh

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    What size is the Honda pit bike?

  29. Donevin Dailey

    Donevin Dailey

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    Bro Ben chill my guy over there with the Death wheeler 😂😂😂😂

  30. Tracy Welling

    Tracy Welling

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    All the chair breaking parts where so freaking funny keep up the good humor

  31. Tyson Rae

    Tyson Rae

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    Get a crf125cc 2021

  32. brice smith

    brice smith

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    I really want a dirt bike

  33. Drew McKenny

    Drew McKenny

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    Why the hell is cj wearing a fox helmet

  34. 11kDub_playz


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    10:30 LOL

  35. Scout Boi

    Scout Boi

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    It’s just so unpredictable😂

  36. flora fxly

    flora fxly

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    When there your almost neighbor 😶😶

  37. Bryicson Hedden-Ball

    Bryicson Hedden-Ball

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    What bike is that ??? Sorry I don’t know bikes but what would be a good bike for me I just started and I am 12 and 5”3

  38. Unsesquipedalian


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    Fake as fuck.

  39. Colin Clemons

    Colin Clemons

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    Love the wefest feature

  40. Pat Scotty

    Pat Scotty

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    Ken Ryan’s wearing your mom

  41. liam hammond

    liam hammond

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    he regrets that 500 bet

  42. Scott Leeson

    Scott Leeson

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    i did that before lol

  43. yaboi FaDe

    yaboi FaDe

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    Anyone know what the bikes they had are

  44. Robert Zemeckis

    Robert Zemeckis

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    Staging pranks, so funny

  45. Robert Zemeckis

    Robert Zemeckis

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    This is like jackass... but unfunny

  46. Joey_yt Parra

    Joey_yt Parra

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    Brian is always the own who does not help

  47. faze moon

    faze moon

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    the funny thing is that airrack was there to just give ben a giant signed from celebrities bandage and he didn't even accept it

  48. Nonacle X

    Nonacle X

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    i don t like how the money from the merch goes to disgusting drink habits bruh

  49. Elliot Wilde

    Elliot Wilde

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    wasting money and plastic.

  50. Shift


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    Love it when Evan joins you guys!

  51. frank castle

    frank castle

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    You think 150 chairs is alot try putting up 500 for a wedding

  52. frank castle

    frank castle

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    Yo how are you guys so rich?😂

  53. NotAust1nYT


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    2:30 is that a trick scooter in the background

  54. james Stouse

    james Stouse

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    iam a fan

  55. jeet Singh

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    Fake click pro company

  56. Crazy Šñîpėr

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    More like don’t try this at the playground

  57. Jeremy dad t tee d re 6 txg6snck#alf4de a tree Timm

    Jeremy dad t tee d re 6 txg6snck#alf4de a tree Timm

    Månad sedan

    I bet those girls are proud of there boyfriends

  58. Gilbert Barela

    Gilbert Barela

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    I was doing that yesterday and now I have 14 stitches on my knee cuz I landed on top of the pit bike engine

  59. Ap3x G0d

    Ap3x G0d

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    dude evan bro. lol. i love it

  60. Chase Smith

    Chase Smith

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    Ryan should get a mini quad

  61. Bryce Nordmann

    Bryce Nordmann

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    3wheeler pit bike

  62. Kaden Jason

    Kaden Jason

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    Please more Ben, drunk and chairs

  63. Bryson Vlogs13

    Bryson Vlogs13

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    im gonna do that ring around the rosie thing lol

  64. Teagan Welch

    Teagan Welch

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    The boys are reckless with drinking😂😂

  65. Tyler Manning

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  66. Tyler Manning

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    dirt bike nelk

  68. Teagan Cronquist

    Teagan Cronquist

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    Can you do the cheapest mini bike on Amazon

  69. Anthony Wilson

    Anthony Wilson

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    These guys never ride full sized bikes anymore

  70. t t

    t t

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    poor gay he said ben askren was going to win bot he lost 500$

  71. Andy Jenson

    Andy Jenson

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    Ryan needs a pit quad. Arent they sponsored by Polaris, ryan should get a polaris outlaw 110.

  72. RelentlessEating andGaming

    RelentlessEating andGaming

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    The problem is it’s addictive and then before you know it,you’re in debt for 150 plastic chairs 😂

  73. Scared Hamster

    Scared Hamster

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    What the fuck is going on in this video lol

  74. Cow boy

    Cow boy

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    Ken looks like post malone

  75. Toni Robson

    Toni Robson

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    Years ago I seen some kids doing it with a moped and was girls on the spinning them and the lads revved it real fast one of the girls come out and were all screaming I heard she died but they were telling the lad with scooter to stop he just kept it pinned and the lass went a good 30ft in air

  76. Fegey MALBAS

    Fegey MALBAS

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    What the heck , the smart car Is covered 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  77. Levi Wood

    Levi Wood

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  78. 1 TR0LL3D U XD

    1 TR0LL3D U XD

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    I have an xr70r and it would be soo fun to come ride with yall😂

  79. Prabhjot Samra

    Prabhjot Samra

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    This video is literally chair abuse

  80. Danny Berentes

    Danny Berentes

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    Yo nice video makes me piss my pants every video lol

  81. JustCJ That’s all

    JustCJ That’s all

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    Bro I’ll pay for it but please fix the Vinyl strip on the front windshield of the truck 😂

  82. PhantomGaming56


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    5:00 song please

  83. fishskategaming


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    What cc is it and what gear is the bike in when your wheelieing

  84. Kyler Mirts

    Kyler Mirts

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  85. Jordan Kash

    Jordan Kash

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    F*ck man that was an awesome video

  86. NoMad


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  87. Rudy Ellis

    Rudy Ellis

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  88. Jonathan Crawley

    Jonathan Crawley

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    I lost it when he says i can't breathe... Some snowflake isn't going to like it though lol

  89. LegoManStarwars


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    intro 100% fake lol

  90. Asger Tjørnevig

    Asger Tjørnevig

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  91. Jason Davoren

    Jason Davoren

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    Having a dirt bike would make my life worth living

  92. Kevin Perez

    Kevin Perez

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    12:22 that’s what George Floyd said

  93. Josh Wilber

    Josh Wilber

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  94. Cameron Householder

    Cameron Householder

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    Just wait for Ryan to break a chair the blames it all on him lol

  95. Soupyy


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    Anyone know what type of pit bike Ben has

  96. cj palymbo

    cj palymbo

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    Haven't been here in a couple months due to family problems but I'm glad to be back and smiling at this crazy shit lol

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    This content i have always wanted

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